Saturday, October 6, 2012

Livin' On a Prayer!

Ohhhh we're halfway there! That is, I'm halfway through my Insanity program! Well, I'm done with the first month at least. Next week is "recovery week" (who knows how much recovery it will actually be) and then I have one more month left! So, I'm just gonna keep telling myself I'm halfway there and if you could play along with me that'd be great :) Best part is is that I can definitely feel myself more conditioned and in better shape than when I started. I haven't lost any weight (which is okay with me) but I have toned up a little bit! I can't wait to see what my finals results will look like! We can do it Eric (yes my brother, Eric, is doing the 60 day challenge with me)! It's all downhill from here!

Still nothing concrete to report about volleyball. One of the agents I'm working with is "presenting" me to a team in Greece. The league isn't considered a top league and the team I'd be on finished 4th last year in the Greek league. But damn, I'd take that contract just for the opportunity to live in Greece for 7 months. That would be amazing! Wow I can't even imagine. So say some prayers for a contract to come my way! This is the city I would be living in. It's called Thessaloniki and it looks absolutely stunning! And of course you all would be more than welcome to come visit me. I'm really hoping this one works out!
It's gonna be another uneventful Saturday night for me, which I'm totally okay with. I'm currently watching the Husker footballers play Ohio State while simultaneously getting updates from the Husker volleyballers taking on Indiana, drawing, and making brownies for Andy's birthday tomorrow! It's my first time ever making brownies so hopefully they turn out yummy!

The Husker vball team plays at Iowa on October 17th (Wednesday). I'm thinking I'll head to Iowa City on Tuesday for that match (and definitely plan on going out that night) and head home to Dubuque for maybe the rest of the week. So if you'll be in Iowa City or Dubuque and have on your party pants let me know!

I'm sure you've noticed the changes I've made. I decided to redecorate a little bit in honor of it being Fall in Lincoln. The most special time of the year for this city. Hope you like it!

Until next time...

Sending all my love to you!


P.S. Today I was just thinking that all my friends are scattered throughout the country. Believe me, if I had the money, I'd visit you all! I miss everyone very much!

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